Remember that your account is active only at the time when it is topped up with a minimum of 10 PLN on the account or the moment the credit card is linked to it.

Appendix no. 1 Pricelist and Table of Additional Fees

Price list for Standard Bikes, Standard Bikes with Child Seat Gross value

Payment for rental

(Amounts from individual time ranges sum up)





from 1 to 20 minutes PLN 0
from 21 to 60 minutes PLN 1
second and each subsequent commenced hour PLN 2 /hour
Fee for exceeding the 12-hour limit of rental PLN 200
Fee for theft, loss or damage of:
Standard Bike PLN 3900
Standard Bike with Child Seat PLN 4500


Additional fees

Initial fee PLN 10
Bonus for escorting the Bike to KRM Station (Premium Return) PLN 2
Abandoning the Bike out of the KRM Station (Paid Return) PLN 10
Ride on a Bike by greater than allowable number of persons for a given type of Bike PLN 100
Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) in Non-authorized Zone PLN 450
Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) outside User Zone PLN 450
Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) in a hardly accessible place PLN 600
Removal of applied protections PLN 200
Non-authorized ride PLN 100
Transporting the Bike via other means of transport (train, bus, car etc.) PLN 100

Additional fees sum up.